Monday, 12 October 2015

Free Esperanto Lessons

Esperanto is an artificial language (1873), constructed by Zamenhof (1859-1917) Polish phisician, investor, writer, linguist. His religious philosophy was the humanitarialism. "Esperanto" means "one who hopes". His goal was to create an easy-to-learn, politically neutral language that would transcend nationality and foster peace and international understanding between people with different languages.

The Esperanto is one of the easiest languages around the world. The basic of Esperanto grammar is studied for few minutes, it needs only practise diligently. Also the vocabulary: new words can be created really simply.

The 'Pasporta Servo' is the Esperanto Couchsirfing: even free accomodation facilities around the world... speaking Esperanto.

More than 10 million people speak the Esperanto around the world, and several of them use as native language. After 140 years, Esperanto has been spoken as mother tongue by many families.

The Esperanto flag is green with a green star in white square on the left top.

Esperanto was voted as the name of train between Warsaw and Białystok (Zamenhof's hometown) in October 2014. ( The green would be more appropriate... :)

Free Download: 1 simple program = 12 free lesson = basic Esperanto knowledge

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