Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wildlife Photo Contest in Hungary

The naturArt, as the Hungarian Nature Photographers Association of Non-Profit Association is proclaiming 23 times the largest nature photography contest in Hungary this year, which has intended to present the ecoregion of Carpathian Basin and the Earth's natural values, our unique wildlife, and rare moments of nature, through the ecological and biological knowledge dissemination, educational, formative value stream.

The contest is public: professional and amateur photographers can join individually!

Entry fee: 5,000 HUF (Hungarian forint) [~ $20]
the members of naturArt, the seniors or youth ages (sign says) must pay 2,500 HUF
account number: UniCredit Bank Hungary 10918001-00000031-04710000
mailing adress (for analog photos): 1113 Budapest, Vincellér street 39 / A. - Hungary

Maximum photos: 5 pcs / category and 25 / adult competitor or 10 pieces / youth
Entry deadline: till Midnight on 16 June 2015 (Hungarian time)
(Perky, because there is a 19 and a 16 on the same page, as the last resort ... [mistyped])

naturArt - the Wildlife Photographer of 2015

♪ 15 categories with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize!

♪ 4 main categories:

  • the Wildlife Photographer of 2015
  • the Nature Photo of 2015
  • the Young Wildlife Photographer of 2015
  • the Underwater photographer of 2015

♪ and other special charges

The complete notice of the contest (click!)
The naturArt on facebook

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