Monday, 6 April 2015

Mathias Rex

Do you know Hungary? This small country is in Central Europe. The hungarian capital is Budapest, one of the most beautiful main cities of Europe. The main river is the Danube which flows also over Budapest. Hungary has countless folklore tradition, 10 national parks, so many nature reserves and landscape protection areas, 9 places from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and very lot of castles and pallaces those keep the history of this great nation. The hungarian parliament is the most beautiful if not the best around the world. Theim mother tongue is the hungarian.

525 years ago, on 6 April 1490 died Matthias, the Righteous, who is the most popular king of the hungarian people. Mathias Rex (as he signed) often dressed in disguise according the legends and went to the people into, so he could see directly how the cruel judges treated his people. He had great wisdom, so always shared truth. Countless tale has been written about him, the hungarian folklore preserved jealously.

Matthias became king when he was 15 and reigned for 32 years, died unexpectedly. Durable silver coins were minted, high taxes were introduced by him, but the country became stable. The Decretum Maius was the first printed lawbook of Hungary. He was strict but extremely educated, especially in the arts. "The Corvinas" was Matthias' big library, because of it he was named also as Mathias Corvinus. He build across the country, many temples stay from this era. And there is the Castle of Visegrad what is the main memorial of Matthias King. His reign was be commemorated by the hungarian thousand forint banknote well.

There is a beautiful recreational areas of Budapest, this is the Citypark, where was only a swampy land in the 19th century. In this time the Pest town was much smaller. In the sign of modernization a main road has been build which could lead to this zone, and the grove was being landscaped , construction began. The exhibition buildings was handed over at the World's Fair in 1896 (anniversary of the hungarian conquest thousandth year). King Matthias grew up in the Hunedoara castle. The exact replica of that castle was build on the City Park Lake, this and along with the other building is home to museums today, free walk-in, favorite tourist destination.

Free (hungarian) e-books about Matthias rex from our source: Mátyás király