Monday 1 February 2016

Cover Design Trend 2015

The new fashion is in 2016 to write book is a cool act. And if you had written a novel, you must to follow the cover design trend, too. Allegedly. Let we run the list of last year through. (source)

  1. strong contrast and amazing light
  2. American style (for Germans)
  3. black background with striking contrast
  4. huge cities and large letters
  5. retro
  6. fun dots
  7. one big ominous dot
  8. birds (and mortality?)
  9. wierd animals
  10. brown and its shades
I don't know if it's realistic or not. These covers (via this presented website) are not met my taste. But if the trend is this... :)

But an other list is known by Canva where you can learn about colors of cover (web)design (klick here). Look, every cover has four main colors (right side) which are used. Canva shows you many FREE opportunites to create your own cover, I can advice you them website.

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